Praise & Worship:

The GGMI Music Ministry seeks to glorify God in song and to create a celebratory atmosphere of divine worship which promotes praise, prayer, and the proclamation of the Word of God. The passion of this ministry is to inspire genuine and authentic worship through a spirit of excellence that draws Christians and Seekers closer unto to God. Through praise and worship, there is the charge to encourage worshipers to consider God’s majesty during their daily lives and bring them into an understanding of the presence of God among other believers in worship.

Growing Tall: Children’s Church

Growing Tall Children’s Church believes in partnering with parents in a foundational approach to lead children into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We do this by engaging and joyful atmosphere for children to experience the love of God and have fun while learning about Jesus Christ. Our mission is to create a safe and enriching community where young children can build lasting friendships while growing in Christ. 

Our preschool 2-4, provides a playful and structured environment where hands-on activities and age-appropriate lessons are used to teach biblical truths in a way that is relevant to your children.

Elementary-aged children (K-5) are invited into an exciting and interactive environment of conversation and simulation where they are inspired to learn great biblical truths while discovering and developing a personal passion for God.

Youth-Chosen Generation

Our Chosen Generation Youth students (6-12 grade) experience a dynamic worship that is Christ centered and student focused on Sundays from 9:00AM to 10:45 AM. Through interactive bible teachings, youth are encouraged to speak openly, ask questions about their faith, and find biblical answers for the tough challenges they face day to day. Passionate worship gatherings include practical teaching, community with others as they connect peers and adults for discussion and prayer.

Adult-Singles-Life Connect

Life Connect reaches out to singles of all ages including singles and single again. Life Connect is not just about the “new single”. Our ministry welcomes widows and widowers, those who are divorced and singles who are parents. In Life Connect we are intentional about serving the full range of needs for Christian singles because we believe there is something to learn for everyone.

Senior Living
Covenant Couples

Covenant Couples Ministry supports married couples through corporate prayer, fellowship, and discipleship resources that encourage, educate, and sustain marriages. A safe environment for married couples to grow toward unity – spiritually and emotionally is provided. Couples come together on a regular basis for fellowship and fun, for prayer and study, and for mutual support. Our goal at GGMI is to aid married couples strengthen their bond to one another and understand the ministry of marriage so that they may happily honor God through their union.


GGMI Media Ministry realizes the significance of creating a platform to enhance and present the gospel message in a meaningful way, while capturing the increased interest of spirit seekers in the 21st Century using sound, visual media, and technology. The focus of this ministry is to enhance the visual display, sound, and overall presentation of sermons, music, dramas, video, etc. expressed during worship services or other teaching/learning opportunities.

Intercessory Ministry

The Intercessory Prayer Ministry aspires to release the power of prayer within the body of Christ for the purpose of experiencing the manifest power of God, to see the lost come into the knowledge and acceptance of Jesus Christ, and to spiritually strengthen every member through prayer.

House fellowship

GGMI House fellowship is the root of our ministry. It is a place for fellow believers to connect and walk together through intentional, growing relationships with the Lord. We desire that our members develop deeper intimacy with God, experience real community with fellow believers, and increase their influence and witness with unbelievers. Our fellowship groups consist of ten to twelve members who meet monthly in homes for fellowship, bible discussion, and prayer. House fellowship also a tool to nurture spiritual growth by supporting old and new believers fulfill God’s purpose for their lives in a fun, loving, and comfortable environment.